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Monday, January 26 2009
I'm looking for some cold hard facts. Apple Graphics Inc. has a presentation at BNI network group on Feb. 4th for 10 minutes and wants to be able to give some true stories on how effective vehicle wrap advertising really is.

Me as a first example in my old business spent $ 4,000 on vehicle wraps with a truck and trailer and within 6 months sold $ 18,000 in business and $ 8,000 was profit.

Mastercraft Landscaping got a tailgate wrap done by us and within 3 months he sold a $ 6,000 paver job from someone who asked for a card from looking at the wrap at a gas station. He could have easily used that tailgate wrap money and put an ad in a paper but at least he owns the wrapped tailgate and is still advertising every time he drives and its not costing him any more to rerun the ad.

Tigersharks bar and grill told me they got catering jobs from people who saw the wrap.      Here at Apple Graphics we know its the most effective because 90% of the wraps are from company,s that called us from the trailer wrap.

So if you have  a wrapped vehicle or another vehicle wrap company want to e-mail some cold hard facts about vehicle wrap effectiveness please respond to this blog (not just some stat sheet. a real story) like I do wrap installs for a local sign shop and a wrap story he told me was a customer was going down the AC expressway with the vehicle he wrapped got a contract with a casino for his services (huge contract now he is set)  get me some cold hard facts. Thanks for checking in. AG                                                     
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