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Vehicle Wrap Training Blog
Tuesday, February 09 2010
 Apple Graphics is having a Special for Vehicle Wrap Training on March 1st.
Our Special for this date is '3 for the Price of 2'!

We currently have 4 openings for March 1st. If you own a sign shop and want to send a few employees, then this is a great opportunity. All of them can train together on this date.

Included in this Special, you will receive 2 Starter Supply Kits. You will have an option to purchase a 3rd Kit, but we will need to be notified of that before the Training date. The Starter Supply Kit includes all the tools you will need to wrap vehicles on your own.

If you are interested in Vehicle Wrap Training for March 1st, CALL NOW and reserve a spot. Vehicle Wrap Training is for anyone with an interest in vehicle wraps and wants to gain skills in this profession. Our Certified Professionals will show you and guide you through the entire process of a vehicle wrap, from equipment use to final post heat care.
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Tuesday, January 26 2010
 Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training on Monday, January 25th was a great success! We had three trainees attend Monday, Jim and Rich from Delaware and Kurt from North Wales, PA. All three gentlemen are in the graphics industry and have a strong interest in vehicle wraps. Our Professionals trained them in every aspect of Vehicle Wrapping, from how to use the equipment to final post heat care.

 (pictures during Training)

The trainees, along with our Professionals guidance, successfully wrapped a 10' trailer and a Lincoln TownCar. The trailer had a custom wrap designed to promote vehicle wraps. The Lincoln had a gangster theme wrap, which included an old style rag-top car in the design. Both the trailer and the Lincoln TownCar are now part of the Apple Graphics fleet of vehicles.

(pictures of completed wraps)

Apple Graphics would like to thank Jim, Rich, and Kurt for attending this Vehicle Wrap Training. We are looking forward to the next Training on February 8th. We still have spots open for this date, so hurry and contact us if you want to sign up!
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Thursday, January 14 2010
 Apple Graphics is having a SPECIAL for Vehicle Wrap Training on February 8th.

We currently have 1 spot booked for the 8th, and are looking for 3 more to fill the Training for that date.
Our special for February 8th is '3 for the price of 2'. Any business interested in having their employees trained to wrap can send 3 people and only be charged for 2 that day! The only stipulation is that all 3 must sign up together in order to get this great deal.
Included in this one-time deal, you will receive 2 Starter Supply Kits with an option to purchase a third Kit. 

This is a great opportunity for any graphics or sign business looking to have their employees trained in vehicle wraps. Apple Graphics will train them in every aspect of vehicle wraps, from equipment to post heat. Call NOW to get signed up for February 8th!

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Tuesday, January 12 2010
 Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training
This is the schedule for our 1-day training session. We train you in all the aspects of vehicle wraps, from preparation to post care. Any person interested in the vehicle wrap industry and wants to become a professional, Apple Graphics training is for you!

Introduction to Vehicle Wraps
  •Purpose of a vehicle wrap

Materials Used for Vehicle Wraps
  •Equipment: Mutoh ValueJet 64" Printer and Seal Pro S Laminator
  •Materials: Avery, 3M, and Oracal Vinyl and Laminate

Tools of the Trade
  •Starter Supply Kit
  •Description and purpose of each tool

Vehicle Wrap Prep
  •Remove wax if needed
  •Clean surface, grooves, and wheel wells
  •Remove parts and decals

Material Placement
  •Test fit of prints and tape in place
  •Use print out to confirm placement
  •Make sure print is level
  •Using a tape hinge to secure print

Wrap Application: Flat and Contoured Surfaces
  •Peel from a tape hinge
  •Squeegee techniques
  •Tucking material without heat to avoid stretching and shrinking
  •Using heat when needed to stretch around hard curves
  •Hands on Professional help

Troubleshooting Vehicle Wraps
  •Using heat to shrink back discolored vinyl
  •Getting rid of bubbles
  •Getting rid of wrinkles

Trimming & Details
  •Cutting and trimming doors
  •Cutting around handles, lights, and mirrors
  •Relief cuts for stretching into wheel wells
  •Wrapping edges to avoid peeling

Vehicle Wrap Post Care
  •Post heat entire vehicle wrap
  •Wipe down vehicle
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Monday, January 04 2010
 Apple Graphics is staying busy with Vehicle Wrap Training. All the sessions up until January 25th are booked, which we still have 2 openings for. We also added an additional training day on the 12th of this month to accommodate some future Wrap Installers. 

Apple Graphics is a convenient and easy travel for areas within 200 miles of us along the East Coast. All cities and suburbs in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia have an easy, enjoyable car ride to Apple Graphics. Any person living in this proximity will not have to deal with any additional travel days nor a plane ride. It will be a one-day event!

We are located just outside of Philadelphia. This map shows the proximity of Apple Graphics in relation to the East Coast. 
If you happen to arrive in the area the night before, instead of traveling early in the morning, there is a Holiday Inn right around the corner from our shop. Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training consists of a full day of wrapping. In the morning we supply coffee to get a fresh start to the day. Our Wrap Installers will show you how to use our equipment, which includes a Mutoh ValueJet Large-Format Printer and a Seal Pro S Laminator. Once the prints are ready to be installed, we will then show you and guide you in the Vehicle Wrap process. First, preparing the vehicle or trailer to get wrapped by cleaning and removing any decals. Second, our installers will guide you in placing the digital vinyl prints on the vehicle. When the print is straight and set where it should be, you will begin to apply it with a squeegee and a torch. Throughout the entire process of applying the vinyl prints, our Wrap Installers will guide you and show you different techniques to use. After the digital prints are applied, then you trim it out and cut off all the excess vinyl. In Apple Graphics Training, we have you learn to wrap a trailer and a vehicle, usually a Car, SUV, or Truck. Lunch is supplied by Apple Graphics, as part of the training. Our training consists of a full day of learning and wrapping vehicles, so when you are completed then you will be a pro. Our Wrap Installers are trained by the best Certified Installers in the world, so you will be getting the best Training available!

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Thursday, December 24 2009
 Apple Graphics has 2 openings for the next Vehicle Wrap Training on January 25, 2010.


We are having a Special Holiday Offer at Apple Graphics. The first two people to sign up for the Vehicle Wrap Training for January 25, 2010 will receive the Starter Supply Kit absolutely FREE! The Starter Kit has a value of $250, which will be deducted from your overall cost of the Training. All the tools you need to wrap vehicles are included in the Kit, and you will get it FREE!

The standard cost of Vehicle Wrap Training is $1175, but you will only pay $925 for this January Training! 

This is a special, one time offer at Apple Graphics. You can sign up and get trained in vehicle wrapping at an unbeatable price!

There are only 2 open spots for this January Training, so don't delay and sign up NOW! 

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Tuesday, December 22 2009
 Every individual who attends Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training receives a Starter Supply Kit. The Kit has a value of $250 and is included in the Training. The Starter Supply Kit has all the necessary tools and more for you to get started wrapping vehicles. Everything you would need to wrap a vehicle on your own is included in the Starter Kit.

Starter Supply Kit includes:                              
•Tool Bucket Organizer
•Bernzomatic Trigger Start Torch
•24' Tape Measure
•1/2" Paint Brush
•3M Citrus Cleaner
•Avery Squeegee
•Oracal Squeegee
•Oshee Felt Squeegee
•Olfa Breakaway Knife
•3M PowerGrip
•Rivet Runner
•2" 3M Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape
•2 pack China Grease Pencils
•Zippy Cutting Tool
•3M Fine Line Tape
•Introduction to Vehicle Wrap DVD
•Extra Large Tool Pouch
•3M Primer 94
•Nylon Tool Belt
•3M Air Release Tool
•1" Rivet Brush
•Spraymaster Spray Bottle
•Dozen Lint-Free Cotton Gloves
•Plastic Scotty Peeler
•Olfa Blade Disposal Case
•RollePro Vinyl Roller

Along with all these tools included in the Starter Supply Kit, and the experience that you gain throughout Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training, you will be ready to wrap vehicles!
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Monday, December 21 2009
 Apple Graphics offers Certified Professional Vehicle Wrap Training. We have years of experience and are Fellers Certified. Our own Certified Professionals were trained by the best.

In our training, we will show you and train you in every aspect that is included in wrapping a vehicle. If you are interested in expanding your business and learning how to wrap vehicles, Apple Graphics will make you a pro!

Apple Graphics Vehicle Wrap Training will show you the entire process of wrapping a vehicle, from start to finish. We will show you how to operate our Mutoh ValueJet 1614 64" Large-Format Digital Printer and our Seal 62 Pro S Laminator, the two machines that produce the digital prints for our vehicle wraps. For die-cut graphics, we use a GraphTec FC7000 64" Plotter.

As for materials and vinyls, Apple Graphics uses 3M, Avery, Oracal, and Clear Focus. In the wrapping industry, these are the nation's most proven brands of wrap materials.

Our training is completely hands-on, so you will gain a large amount of experience by the time you are done the session. During the training you will wrap a trailer and a vehicle, which will show you different forms of wrapping and some situations that may occur.

Apple Graphics will make sure you feel comfortable in wrapping vehicles when you have completed the Vehicle Wrap Training. Our goal is to make you a pro and for you to be confident when wrapping on your own.

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