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Tuesday, November 23 2021

1. Reviews Help You Get Found Online

When searching for a business online, there is a good chance you are going to see what others have to say about their personal experiences there and it will probably be one of the first things you see. Google takes the number of good reviews your company gets to determine where your business will fall versus the competitors. The more good reviews means the better chance you will be higher when people search in your field. 

2. Reviews Give Your Business Credibility

When people leave a review, they are not gaining or losing anything. They just want to share their personal experience, whether it was good or bad. Studies show that close to 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

3. Reviews Impact Purchasing Decisions 

There is a good chance that someone is going to do a lot of research before they spend time or money on your business. Nearly 70% of customers are influenced by online reviews which means if you don't have good reviews, you probably won't be the business they go with.

4. Reviews Provide Important Feedback

There is a lot you can learn from the reviews that are left about your business. Paying attention to the reviews that are left can help you do more of the good things and less of the bad things that you might not have known you were doing. Plus, you can use positive reviews to confidently market what you find to be most popular with your customers. 

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Thursday, November 04 2021

Vehicle wraps are one of the best forms of outdoor advertising, but if they are not taken care of properly, they won't last as long as they should.

When taken care of properly, a vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years. He is a few tips on how to keep your wrap looking its best.

1. Hand wash your vehicle

While handwashing may take a little longer than going through a carwash, it is the most recommended way to keep your wrap clean. Use a soft rag and a nonabrasive cleaning to avoid scratching or scraping the vinyl. If you have a larger vehicle, like a box truck or transit van, and a pressure washer is needed, make sure that the water pressure is no higher than 800-2000 psi. Also, remember to use sweeping motions so that the vinyl doesn't rip or wear down. Never pressure wash if you see loose edges, as it can cause further damage.

2. Storing Your Vehicle

Too much UV exposure on your wrap is never a good thing. You can drastically protect your vehicle wrap from the elements just by parking your vehicle in a spot with more shade or under a covered area. Too much sun exposure can cause damage such as cracking, fading, or peeling, therefore cutting the lifespan of your wrap short.  

3. Call a Professional

If you begin to notice any kind of damage or fading to your wrap, make sure you call a professional and don't try to fix it yourself. We have trained installers who are ready to help you with whatever you may need in order to keep your wrap looking its best. 

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