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Thursday, January 22 2009
I was on the Atlantic City expressway today and a guy in a huge new Benz drove up next to me then slowed down and got behind me ( I hope he took my phone number) then speeded up next to me again and gave me a thumbs up. When you drive with such custom graphics like my truck people just stare at you. Sometimes I forget about the wrap and I think the person is looking at me like they know me.

Then I remember and say to myself (they are looking at the wrap). Here at Apple we offer custom design not just for advertising but also for customization of your vehicle, boat, trailer, race car, and more. We offer 3-D design that is unbelievable like the skull on my hood of the f-150 pick up. you can always call 215-322-WRAP(9727) to discuss any custom graphics for any type of project you art considering.
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